Soundtracks - Vol. 1 [EP]

by Romeo Crow

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A collection of demo songs that I recorded at home. A bit more of an eclectic mix than my official releases.


released February 7, 2014



all rights reserved


Romeo Crow London, UK


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Track Name: I Look Around
There are many times when
You must decide your course
No one else can help you
To know which way is north

Hanging on to something
That used to be your way
Will hold you back from finding
Those words you need to say

There are no real places you can hide
From the flame you fan inside your mind
And if you don’t try to grip the sky
That fire in you will die

I look around
And I see the beauty in the soul
I look around
And most are wasting it all

Most people will suffer from fear
That they can’t cope
And stagnate wielding nothing
Whilst the great forge on with hope

And that is why the top is
Taken by so few
Yet all you need to get there
Is belief then you must do
Track Name: Around the Bend
Going around the bend
Looking to make amends
Seeking another chance
To find some peace at last

‘Cos these hounds on my trail
Are really wearing me out

Roll through another town
An endless spiral down
Hoping to get some rest
Praying for revenge

Please forgive me I just can’t sleep
Until this fire has burned in me
I need to find a way to live
There’s only so much I can give

Hiding won’t suffice
When I’ve got you in my sights
Trying to get away
As night fades into day

Now that the deed is done
Will you just move on?
Or will you fight again
The endless war on pain
Track Name: Feel Like Loving You
Where have you been hiding
I’ve been waiting for so long
To find myself this close to you
You should know you turn me on

Don’t give me the brush off
Or turn to walk away
Just listen to the things
That your body longs to say

No-one really knows why
Our minds were built like this
It’s not like there’s danger
From a simple little kiss

You know your body craves it
That feeling’s never wrong
So why don’t you slide over
So we can get it on

Turn yourself around
There’s something that makes me feel like loving you
Turn yourself around
Got something to makes us feel alright

Let this feeling guide you
And soothe away your stress
Forget your inhibitions
And embrace this sticky mess

Close your eyes and surrender
Slide into the flow
Tonight we’re getting wild
So let your body go
Track Name: Please Don't Make Me Cry
He is one of those
Steals your heart then goes
Promises the world but delivers you pain
That’s this man

Don’t you lose your way
Believe in what they say
He will kill you softly without refrain
That’s his game

Any woman he’ll get
Then leave without regret

The man will love you in the night
Then take away your heart
His needs are more than what is right
They’ll tear your life apart
(please don’t make me cry)

Push the fear away
Take a chance on me
How can you just stand there waiting to feel
Come, I will

The man will love you in the night
Then take away your heart
His needs are more than what is right
They’ll tear your life apart
Beware, his touch, his care
Feel a love that can’t be cured
In the end you’ll scream
Please don’t make me, please don’t make me cry