Sketches Vol. 2 [EP]

by Romeo Crow

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Here are six song "sketches" - just guitar and vocals - hope you enjoy them!


released February 28, 2015

All songs written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Romeo Crow.



all rights reserved


Romeo Crow London, UK


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Track Name: Say You'll Stay With Me
I was lost then found
So I was getting sent down
From a meeting at the seat of a bad defeat
The only result, they said, fit for me
Was a holiday stay in a room about six by eight feet

I was feeling blue
But then I was lucky to have you
An eleven on the scale of one to ten
The only one who was with me back then
It’s fair to say that you saved the day for me

Oh, will you stay?
Will you stay, with me?

Say you’ll stay with me
And I’ll try to behave
So there’ll never be a reason
For you to leave me alone someday
I swear I will love you
No matter what will be
So there’ll always be a reason
For you to stay right next to me
Stay with me
Right now

Oh, how tides do change
Funny that we should end this way
‘Cos you never wrote a letter to bid me well
Or ask how I’m doing now I’m stuck in this cell
Well, well, my friend, welcome to hell

Oh, now you’ll stay
Now you’ll stay with me
Track Name: Against the Wall
Flying, rushing up from the ground
I feel the wings of death are closing in
Crying won’t do good anyhow
It’s a bit too late repenting for my sins

I know it’s hard to believe
But of that moment I tell the truth
I swear with everything
I’d rather die than be without you

Evil I feel you closing in
Now you’ve gone and got my back against the wall
They warned me that’s when it’s dangerous
There is no way of telling what you’ll do

I know its hard to believe
But of that moment I tell the truth
I swear it’s not like me
I guess I give my life to you

Oh I’m delighted
It was the best of times, you’re the best I’ve ever known
For I can’t hide it
No matter what my crime I’d repeat my time with you

Oh it’s so easy to be wise
If you get to look back on it
Though I don’t think I can deny
I love you, I love you, I love you, alright?
Track Name: Event Horizon
Running through the night chase a dark without respite
This path won’t lead you to a place you’d rather be

Deeper out of reach, stories tried to leave behind
Future’s looking bleak, now you’ve gained the gift of flight
They can’t hurt you, now their fading with the light
You are all alone, through the crushing depths of time

You can’t claim to be the victim
That your efforts come to nothing
Trust yourself to be something to someone
Shame on selfish you

Changing what you see won’t stop start from shooting by
If you take no heed, they can’t twinkle in your eye
Life will always haunt you
There is no place you can hide inside your mind

Don’t you let a feeling hold you back from living your...(life)
Track Name: Ischia (I'm Heading Back)
I’m heading back to a place where they don’t throw stones
I’m going back to a place I can call my home
The air is so fresh there, and clean
Come, if you please, home with me

I’m heading back to trade this cloak of grey for blue
I’m going to an island, I suggest you come too
Sun kissed reds are drenched with green and gold
Everything’s so much sweeter when it’s picked not sold

I’m heading back away from this town
I’m going away before I drown
The clouds are so selfish they keep your dreams
Too high to catch but too low to see

I’m heading back where the waves caress my skin
I’m going to the sea that’s heated from within
Gently the ripples will ease my bones
Softly those clear pools call me home
Track Name: The Void
Frost is starting to thaw
I see the rise and fall
I’ll never regret touching the void
Only a few know how I feel

I will not lie this isn’t for everyone
The risk is high for crashing the whole way down

Chance is melting hope
I honour what goes
But never did I come here to die
Should we descend from this height?

If only I had kept you from going on
You’d still be alive now instead you are dead and gone

Truth is told in a lie
The sky has fallen with a smile
Now you are at ease forever will you be
A part of the ground beneath our feet

Just look to the skies and see that the stars have won
They can’t disguise they have taken away my sun
Track Name: Ice Comes Down
You would wait ‘till the ice comes down to build a bridge and not a frown
My palms are flat upon the ground; I’m begging
I won’t wait ‘till the sun has gone to make amends for what’s been done
It ain’t pleasant for anyone this crying...I am down on my knees

You should look now at yourself, take a mirror for your health
This face you wear ain’t gonna help you’re hiding
I know what it is you need, a shoulder and a piece of me
I promise I will not recede from trying...I am down on my knees

I have seen too many broken dreams
Because these people won’t work through their fears

Though you’re feeling blue let us talk away your problems
I know it’s hard to do but together we can solve them

I can see you’re feeling pain from something I don’t understand
It could be me or my fellow man who’s hurting
It might be something just arrived or something long you’ve built inside
I cannot help if you won’t confide, I’m asking...I am down on my knees

There must be something I can do to ease the knots that have tied in you
Release the stress you’re going through in silence
You might just find you’re well surprised if you opened up your eyes
To the fact that we could try together...I am down on my knees