Sketches Vol. 1 [EP]

by Romeo Crow

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A collection of simple sketches of my songs recorded at home; just guitar and vocals.


released May 3, 2014

Written and recorded by Romeo Crow.



all rights reserved


Romeo Crow London, UK


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Track Name: Living Like You Do
I’ve been worrying ‘bout you
You don’t seem to face the truth
And it just seems to come through
In every little thing you do

Living like you do you do the same thing every time
Living like you do you won’t admit that it’s a crime
Living like you do you just keep it all inside
Living like you do you seem content to live a lie

Ok so your life has changed
And you’ve had to re-arrange (all the things you used to do)
Yet I know this causes pain
Which is why you need a friend

But don’t worry ‘cos it’s OK
There will always be a new day (and you’ll see)
That there’s time to make the changes
That you need to make ‘cos your life’s at stake
Track Name: Only Your Pride to Blame
How can you do all the things that you do
And think that life would work out ok
Only a fool would act the way you do
Then expect to live a different day

There may be times when you’ve put it on the line
By reaching for the stars by yourself
When you find you may have been guilty of the sin
Of thinking that there’s no-one but yourself

Well you know that you really must change
Unless you want your life to stay the same
And if you find it too hard to change
Then there’s only your pride to blame

Sometimes I’ve been loath to ask which way to go
Cos I’m sure I know the way on my own
Then when I get lost if I find I’m getting cross
Then there’s only my pride to blame

Now I make amends and always ask my friends
For that’s what makes a man really strong
If I feel my pride just messing with my ride
I remind myself the way to go on

Well you know that you really must change
Unless you want your life to stay the same
And if you find it too hard to change
Then there’s only your pride to blame
Track Name: Remember Your Name
In Piccadilly there’s a statue
And she’s shooting at the moon
And from all around
The bands arrive to clown about and
You could be like them to

Oh, believe in what you’re dream of
But be careful what you wish for
Fear will have her hand on you
If you don’t stay true

All your lives will drift away
Unless you stop and own your days
Make your dreams mean something
Do your best and we’ll remember your name

In Leicester Square there is a carpet
It glows red beneath the moon
And when the stars come out
They shine so bridge you scream and shout
You could be like them to
Track Name: Save This City
The night is closing in on me
She’s coming down to judge this city
Maybe there’s been some wrong tonight

All of these lights hiding sin
Shades are drawn, no-one to let me in
I only want to help you all get high

Save this city from the sinners caught within
She is coming to cleanse their sins

The look of a child washed and clean
The horror spreads eyes that should never have seen
Tonight I’m hunting for you my friend

I’ve been around, tasted it all
But this sour soup has gone and made me feel ill
I just hope I can swallow it down
Track Name: Hots for You
Too many times my tongue has lied
My Doctor Jekyll ends Mr Hyde
Too many times I begin my flow
But instead of Bond I get Clouseau
Too many times I’ve wanted to say
Pearls to you the Shakespeare way
Too many times I’ve watched you go
Because I never let you know my heart
This time you’re gonna know how I feel

Woman you know that feeling when you’re with me
Isn’t for show you really make me crazy
I’ve got to tell you something that ain’t easy
Woman you gotta know I got the hots for you

All too often when I throw shapes
My Jamiroquai becomes Bill Gates
All too often when I tell jokes
I’m Eddie Murphy without the quotes
All too often the things I do
Are only done to impress you
All too often the parts we hide
Are the very things that love desires
This time I’m gonna be my true self
Track Name: Prey
Believing people ‘cos the others tell you so
You never question which direction they say “Go”
Maybe you should be listening to your heart and soul
Their voice is wise enough, believe in what you know

Shine, angel shine
You’ve got them on their knees now
Rise, people rise
She’s begging for you her prey

There used to be a need for what they tell you now
That need died long ago when paper came to town
Every time you give away the rights to how you run your day
Well then you really give up on life

You need to take responsibility for you
And that need leaves with an easy thing to do
A simple love for all around is what makes this little world go round
Not a belief in your superstitious mysteries

Give me a reason I cannot refute
Something to make what you say ring true
Make me an offer I cannot refuse
Or should I simply give my their prey