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Thanks for dropping by! In a nutshell; please support me in creating NEW music by becoming a subscriber here on Bandcamp. Why? To find out, please read on...

I give away a lot of my music for free so as many people as possible can enjoy it. These songs take me many, many hours to write and record, plus a fair bit of investment too (for equipment and services like mixing and mastering). Giving them away for free makes it somewhat hard to earn a living, and the ongoing creation of new music becomes rather more challenging!

That's why I have this Subscribe area on Bandcamp, so people who really want to support me in creating new songs have a platform to do so.

As a Bandcamp Subscriber you'll get immediate access (stream and download) to ALL the music I put out, both past and future, including releases not yet available to the general public; you'll also get new releases before everyone else, as I send new material to my Bandcamp subscribers first.

In time I hope to give you other exclusive benefits too...

But, rather than try to dazzle you now with additional "gimmick" reasons to subscribe, I hope you'll become a Subscriber for one simple reason; you just want to help support me so I can continue to produce more music for you to enjoy for a long time to come.

I want to make it as accessible as possible, but to cover costs (e.g. Bandcamp's fees) I had to price it just over £1 per month, paid as £15 a year.

Of course, if you want to support me with a greater contribution (and can afford to!), simply input your preferred figure when you click the "Subscribe Now" button.

It would be AMAZING if you are able to help me in this way, so that I can focus on creating more new music for you; every bit of financial support means a HUGE amount to me and I'm sincerely grateful for it.

Thanks for stopping by, hope to speak to you soon :)


What you get:

You’re a subscriberThank you!
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